Crime Commissioners of the Year

2019 Roger Roy

2018 Roger Roy

2017 Commission as a whole

2016 Hazel Rivers

2015 Joe Minano

2014 Dan Biernat

2013 Rex Marshall

2012 The Commission Recognized former commissioners who moved on and needed to resign from the Commission in 2012 for their years of service to the Commission: Frank Badalamente, Joan Flynn, Nick Szymborski and Douglas Bowden.

2011 The Commission Recognized Police Commissioner Jere Green for his outstanding dedication to the Warren Crime Commission.

2010 Doug Bowden

2009 Roger Roy

2008 Frank Badalamente

2007 Jim McKnight

2006 Dennis Larsson

2005 Max Carroll

2004 Norm Bordo

2003 Mark Messens


2001 Mark Messens

2000 Bill Young

1999 Doug Bowden

1998 Norman Bordo

1997 James Grier