The Warren Crime Commission 

What is a Crime Commission?

The Warren Crime Commission is a nonpaid 12-person body of citizen volunteers appointed by the mayor.

How Often do They Meet?

The Warren Crime Commission meets at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month at their offices, 5959 Beebe Street, one block east of Mound. Beebe is the first street north of 13 Mile Road. The meetings are open to the public. The crime commission also holds meetings at alternate locations, please check the Home page or the Events and Meeting Schedule for the meeting locations. 

How Long has it Been Around?

The Warren Crime Commission originated in 1968, created by city ordinance. It has been staffed by numerous hard-working volunteers during the past 26 years.

What Does it do?

The commission is charged with responsibility for studying crime within Warren, making recommendations for improvements to the mayor. They also conduct crime prevention seminars and a forum for the discussion of crime. The crime commission works closely with the police department and the city council.  

Where we Meet?
The Crime Commission meets at various locations throughout the city. Please see the Events and Meeting Schedule Page for more details.  Our Office is located in the Old Warren Village Hall at 5959 Beebe Street. The Warren Village Hall was built originally in 1922 to house the offices of the village officials and serve as the voting place for village residents. The west side of the building housed the Warren Community Library from 1949-1957.  In 1946 the east addition was built to serve the Warren Volunteer Fire Department. It remained a City of Warren Fire Department station until 1992. When the city Fire Station #4 moved to its new building on Chicago Road, the old Village Hall building became the home for the offices of the Friends of the Library, the Village Historic District Commission, and the City of Warren Crime Commission. The Warren Community Library building was torn down in 2013.